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Nautical Decorations for Childrens Church

Looking for some ideas for a nautical theme for children’s church or a party? Here are a few ideas from my recent decor for Elevate’s Port of Call theme. I used plastic table cloths from the dollar store and some white paper to make the waves.

Nautical Decorations for Children's Church

And here is the bow of a ship I made with a cardboard box. I stapled the box to the wall with a staple gun and then took strips of cardboard and hot glued them to that box, starting at the bottom and working my way to the top, overlapping the cardboard strips.

Once both sides were done, I took shorter strips of cardboard and bent them in half and hot glued the cardboard strips to the front corner so they overlapped the on both sides. I then painted the cardboard and added a “window”.  The projector screen is a “sail”. Super easy and very inexpensive.

Cardboard Ship

Sorry for the picture quality. This is a dark room and hard to photograph in.

The pier logs are simple pool noodles with wood grain contact paper wrapped around them. Some simple rope and tada! Done!

Pier Logs Nautical from Pool Noodles

The beauty of decorating for kids is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to make a fun impact! They always love the decorations that transform their classrooms! So have fun with it and leave your perfectionism at home!

Until next time, grab that hot glue gun and

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