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How to Paint On Cardboard

Painting on cardboard for an event is a very inexpensive way to get great results. If you do it right, that is. So what’s the secret?

White wash it.

Add some white paint to a cup, add water, and stir.


Your cardboard should look something like this. It doesn’t need to be thick paint or thickly coated. Do not get your cardboard too wet, after all, it is cardboard. You just want a thin base coat that will give your paint colors the ability to show off. *If you don’t white wash your cardboard, your paints will look flat and it takes a lot more paint to cover the brown cardboard.

Epic Elevate Series

This is my most recent project half way finished. Notice my little booboo in the “C”? Oops.

Epic Elevate Series

And here is the finished project. This is for the Epic Elevate series for children’s church. Not bad for cardboard, huh? And best of all, it was free to complete this.

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Do you have any tips on painting on or working with cardboard?

*And yes, I did draw this myself and used the graphic from the series for it.

Until next time, grab that hot glue gun and

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