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Easy Cheesy Potatoes Anyone Can Make

Easy Cheesy Potatoes

You need an inexpensive dish for dinner, because let’s face it, feeding these kiddos can make you go broke! These easy cheesy potatoes are so yummy, your family will be asking for more, and they’re easy enough anyone can make them and look like a star!

You’re going to need:

  • Potatoes – approximately 4 sliced thin
  • 1 Cup of sour cream
  • 1/4 Cup milk
  • 1 Cup of shredded cheese of your choice
  • 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic (in our house this equates to 6-8 cloves of garlic because we love garlic)
  • salt
  • pepper

Mix your wet ingredients together. If the sour cream and milk don’t seem quite saucy enough, add a little more milk. Add garlic and salt and pepper or other herbs and spices. Potatoes are pretty versatile, so add what ever you know you like. Chives, bacon pieces, onions, etc.

Slice your potatoes very thin. I use this Simple Slicer from Pampered Chef because it makes perfectly sliced potatoes. Be really careful using this device, it will eat your fingers – I found out the hard way a couple of years ago on 4th of July when I sliced off a very large portion of my thumb! ICK!

Butter the bottom and sides of your pan, I am using the 9×13 rectangular baker stone from Pampered Chef, but you can really use any size pan that works for your family.

Potato Layers

Spread some of your sauce on the bottom of the pan. Then layer one single layer of potatoes. Top them with your sauce and then sprinkle cheese on top. Add another layer of potatoes and alternate layers until you run out of potatoes. If you run out of sauce, just whip up a little bit more.

Easy Cheesy Potato Recipe

Cover with foil and bake at 350 for an hour and a half. Remove the foil for the last half hour of baking to get that nice golden brown top! Enjoy! Use this recipe as a base for creating your own cheesy potatoes.

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